• Real Time Integrated PECOS Verification


    Sansio is pleased to announce that Real Time PECOS Enrollment Verification and Dashboards has successfully passed through its development, testing and QA processes and has been released to all customers.  PECOS is the Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System. This system is a CMS initiative to support the Medicare provider and supplier enrollment process. The PECOS system manages, tracks, and validates enrollment data collected in both paper form and electronically via the Internet.

    HomeSolutions PECOS Filter Alerts

    Sansio has integrated the status of Physician PECOS registration into many areas of the workflow process in HomeSolutions.NET.  This includes Intake/Referral and the client’s eChart > Physician section as well as supporting reports.   A PECOS Dashboard has also been added which shows live enrollment status for Open Admissions. HomeSolutions.NET will even take into account a Pending Application status in verifying enrollment.

    Initially, we were asked by customers via our Enhancement Idea process to add a PECOS enrollment status report to HomeSolutions.NET”, states Darris Clark, VP of Homecare. “After reviewing typical workflow processes, we went over and above basic reporting functionality and placed this information dynamically throughout HomeSolutions.NET.  This design approach will greatly minimize the time and complexity involved with verifying PECOS enrollment status as CMS continues to clarify their position on the effect of PECOS status on claims.”