• PPS Plus Software and Sansio Announce Integrated Solution to Improve Home Healthcare Delivery and Performance


    DULUTH, MN, and BILOXI, MS – November 19, 2010 – Sansio, a leading healthcare Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, and PPS Plus Software, a market leader in OASIS analysis software, today announced availability of an integrated solution designed to help homecare agencies improve the accuracy of Medicare reimbursement, increase the quality of outcome reporting and deliver proper treatments for patients.

    Under the terms of the strategic relationship, Sansio will provide PPS Plus Software’s OASIS Assessment Analysis tool throughout its HomeSolutions.NET EMR solution as an optional service. PPS Plus for HomeSolutions extends the native OASIS skip logic and pre-billing checks within HomeSolutions.NET to include clinical inconsistencies, OASIS and ICD-9 coding errors, items affecting process measure data, and items affecting reimbursement.

    PPS Plus Software has the most comprehensive OASIS analysis in the industry, alerting agencies to potentially avoidable events and identifying thousands of potential errors and inconsistencies affecting agencies’ overall success. Sansio’s HomeSolutions.NET is the leading web-based home care EMR solution in the United States, helping agencies improve their clinical, operational, and financial performance.

    PPS Plus for HomeSolutions - Integrated OASIS Analysis for Home Health Agencies“In this era of reduced reimbursement and increased patient documentation requirements, home healthcare agencies are facing increased pressures to provide accurate treatments and maximize their allowable revenues to continue serving patients,” said Kraig Erickson, Sansio VP of Sales. “This application’s interoperability enables agencies to receive a critical assessment analysis in-line with their current processes within their EMR system as opposed to a traditional export/import process.”

    Home healthcare agencies are required to perform standardized assessments on Medicare and Medicaid patients based on a highly complex OASIS-C data set that assesses a patient’s clinical, functional, and service-related conditions. Based on this assessment – which determines an agency’s reimbursement for caring for the patient over a period of 60 days – home healthcare agencies create a plan of care that is certified by a physician.

    “During the past ten years, we have built an outstanding relationship with Sansio and their customers,” said PPS Plus Software President, John Shinn. “We are always seeking new ways to improve the delivery of our information services. By creating this new interface, Sansio customers will be able to easily utilize our OASIS Assessment Analysis to find clinical inconsistencies and ensure their OASIS is clinically and financially accurate. Sansio just took a major step to help their customers enhance reimbursement, improve outcomes, and help deliver quality care.”

    The embedded PPS Plus for HomeSolutions is available now as an optional service for HomeSolutions.NET customers.

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    About Sansio

    ScanHealth, Inc. d/b/a Sansio, is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) organization that provides cutting-edge, web-based decision support solutions to the Home Care, Fire/EMS, and Assisted Living industries. Many prestigious health care organizations in America capture millions of patient encounters annually, delivering services valued at over $1B using Sansio products. Sansio’s SaaS solutions have proven to help customers save time and money, enhance compliance, and keep the focus on patient care. More information can be found at www.sansio.com.

    About PPS Plus Software

    CKS Productions, Inc. d/b/a PPS Plus Software, is the developer of Home Health Edition, a market-leading OASIS analysis software application that provides an instant data check that alerts agencies to ICD-9 coding errors, OASIS errors/inconsistencies, items affecting process measure data and items affecting Medicare reimbursement. Staffed with certified OASIS specialists, ICD-9 coding specialists and experienced clinicians, PPS Plus Software serves more than 600 agencies across the United States, helping them achieve accurate Medicare reimbursement, outcomes and improved patient care. More information can be found at www.ppsplus.com.

    What HomeSolutions Customers are Saying

    “Going with HomeSolutions has been the best business decision we have ever made. The training and support we have received from Sansio has been excellent, and we could not run our business today without the solution.  The addition of PPS Plus for HomeSolutions enables us to receive feedback on the OASIS immediately, which has provided significant operational, clinical, and financial benefits for us. We also receive excellent consulting support from PPS Plus on coding questions and issues.  This service pays for itself many times over!”

    - Jeff S.  Owner of CNS Home Health.