• HomeSolutions v7.74 Released to Help Providers Manage Therapy, Face to Face, and G-Code Requirements


    Sansio is pleased to announce that HomeSolutions version 7.74 has been released to all customers last night.  Included in this release are tools to help home care agencies manage to recent 2011 Final Rule regulations set to be enforced by CMS on April 1, 2011.

    Highlights of this important release include:

    • New features and reports to help manage Final Rule-related therapy review requirements and re-assessments.
    • Increased support for managing new G-Codes, including OMR and Mobile point of care form changes that tie into billing.
    • RediPay productivity reports and a variety of other enhancements, many of which were submitted by customer Enhancement Ideas.


    HomeSolutions v7.74 builds upon Final Rule-related features previously released prior to January 1, 2011, when some of the provisions went into effect.

    “Sansio has been encouraging our customers to utilize previously released features prior to them being enforced by CMS, such as managing face to face encounters electronically in HomeSolutions,” commented Darris Clark, VP of HomeCare.  “The new therapy review requirements, like the face to face requirements, create additional operational challenges for agencies, but by using the automation and reporting we have in place, it will ease the burden for our customers and help them stay compliant with the therapy review changes going into effect April 1.”

    A significant item in v7.74 that will help is the HomeSolutions Therapy Review page and its extensive filter options. It provides a summary view of the client episode, including the Admit Number, Episode Number, Case Manager, Start and Stop Date, CBSA, M2200 value from the assessment creating the episode, the number of Therapy Visits Completed, and the number of Therapy Visits Scheduled.  This tool validates therapy compliance and helps customers evaluate therapy variance.

    Here is a link to the CMS Therapy Requirements Fact Sheet.

    As part of the Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model, all customer applications were updated overnight and Sansio is providing a webinar introducing them to the new release.

    If you would like a guided tour of HomeSolutions and its new features, please connect with us to schedule a date and time for a personalized demonstration.

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