• HealthEMS Fire / EMS Software

    HealthEMS is a remote-hosted field data collection, management, and reporting software solution which is proven to help Fire and EMS providers improve patient care and financial performance.

    From the EMT / Paramedic in the field, to the QA, medical direction, and billing departments, HealthEMS creates a two-way information flow which dramatically improves the accuracy and timeliness of information needed to support billing and clinical decision making.

    HealthEMS, EMS Software, from the ePCR to the Back Office

    The industry-leading HealthEMS ePCR (electronic pre-hospital care report) provides a complete, accurate, and detailed description of pre-hospital care and is the foundation for the HealthEMS eChart.

    The HealthEMS Patient Triage solution is a fully integrated feature that allows for patient tracking all the way from CAD to the hospital. Patient Triage integrates with hospitals and our third-party partners.

    HealthEMS was one of the first ePCR software solutions to achieve NEMSIS Gold status, and the system integrates and centralizes CAD, EKG, and Billing data to empower users throughout the organization with timely, accurate information. HealthEMS RevNet establishes appropriate ICD-9 codes, Service Level Determination and Medical Necessity Determination required for revenue cycle management.

    Based on run volume, HealthEMS has the largest successfully installed customer base in the country, processing millions of patient encounters annually for some of America’s most prestigious organizations.