• Fire / EMS ePCR Point of Care


    HealthEMS has the industry-leading ePCR which enables EMT / Paramedics to collect standardized information on a variety of mobile hardware devices or intelligent scannable forms.

    HealthEMS ePCR

    By utilizing the power of wireless, HealthEMS Mobile can seamlessly connect the crew in the field with the rest of the organization, and even the ER, to help facilitate communications.  This real-time environment incorporates a number of unique features never before available to Fire and EMS responders that helps improve patient care including:

    HealthEMS ePCR Scripting and Integration

    Intuitive logic and scripting, Quick Vital entry, and barcoding, combined with the ability to import CAD and previous patient data into the HealthEMS Mobile ePCR significantly minimizes data entry by the crew, helps assure that the data is consistent and correct, and provides decision support at the scene.

    HealthEMS ePCR Sharing

    This allows first responders to share their in-progress ePCR’s securely within the organization, allowing for continuity of care using the power of the Internet. HealthEMS Sharing assists with integrated data capture and supports overall improvement in quality of data captured and the care delivered to the patient.

    HealthEMS ePCR Flex Fields

    To meet the individual needs of EMS organizations, this feature allows for the addition of necessary fields to the HealthEMS Mobile ePCR, and to create or replace forms such as Refusals, Intubation, and IV forms. This supports total flexibility in data captured at point of service for QA/CQI purposes.

    HealthEMS ePCR Delivery Services

    Customers can eliminate the hassle of printing ePCRs by choosing more efficient, secure, and timely electronic delivery methods.  HealthEMS SanFax™ enables ePCR data to be faxed to receiving facilities, and the HealthEMS XchangER™ solution enables the hospital to receive the associated ePCR electronically.