• Are you looking for a web-based revenue cycle management (RCM) solution that helps Fire, EMS, and Mobile Integrated Health providers achieve highly efficient, compliant revenue performance?

    Are you looking to make life easier for your billing and collections resources?

    Are you looking to get paid what you deserve for the valuable services you provide?

    With HealthEMS RevNet, your Fire/EMS organization can accelerate your revenue cycle with cleaner, quicker, and compliant claims.

    Industry-leading Feature Set:

    • Workload manager and web-based delivery enables a high performing, team-based approach with accountability
    • Intelligent Patient Matching and integrated eligibility helps maximize allowable revenue on first pass
    • Medical Necessity Scoring and Recommended Service Level helps drive at proper billing
    • Membership feature supports various models and helps manage plan benefits
    • Scalable pricing model for providers and billing services of any size
    • Integrate with any NEMSIS-compliant ePCR system, or combine with HealthEMS for a fully integrated CAD to CASH solution


    With Proven Benefits:

    • Maximize Cash Flow and First-Pass Claim Acceptance
    • Lower Collection Efforts
    • Optimize Overall Revenue Cycle Workload
    • Useful Data Analytics to Manage Performance

    Accelerate all phases of your revenue cycle, from CAD to Cash.

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