• NEMSIS Gold Compliant Software


    Sansio’s HealthEMS ePCR system for collection of pre-hospital data was one of the first vendors to be certified “Gold” compliant for the reporting of NEMSIS data.

    NEMSIS Gold

    Attaining NEMSIS Gold level compliance will assure current and prospective customers of Sansio’s capability to meet NEMSIS reporting requirements.

    The NEMSIS Project is an effort to create a national EMS database. The database will contain data from local and state agencies from across the nation. This effort will define EMS and pre-hospital care in a way never before imagined, improving patient care and EMS curriculum and defining a standard on which to measure care.

    Fire / EMS organizations across the country will be able to share the key elements of their data nationally.  Sansio is actively involved in the transition to NEMSIS version 3.

    More information on NEMSIS, please visit www.nemsis.org.