• Partnerships and Interoperability


    Sansio’s Strategic Partnership Program is focused on developing relationships with leading companies that enhance the value of each company’s products to its customers. While these alliances between companies provide new sales and marketing opportunities for each organization, our customers also realize great value.

    Our Strategic Partnership Program seeks value-added alliances with quality resellers, service companies, and hardware and software providers. While many key relationships already are in place, the company continues to look for those opportunities that will offer meaningful results to all parties.

    Whether it’s sharing research and development programs, enhancing product compatibility, expanding selling opportunities or improving service to the customer, the broad-based value of strategic partnerships is a reality in today’s marketplace.

    Those parties interested in joining Sansio’s Strategic Partnership Program should contact:

    Corporate Relations, at 218.625.7226 or via email at corporaterelations@Sansio.com