• QA/CQI Management


    Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement management in any Fire / EMS organization can be incredibly difficult.  HealthEMS is built to support an improved QA/CQI process that takes pre-hospital care reporting beyond merely gathering data for billing purposes to improving the quality of care provided to patients.

    HealthEMS ePCR

    Intelligent Run Review

    Effective information management begins by defining what data should be collected and analyzed.  The process of transforming data into useful information requires evaluation and can be significantly improved with the HealthEMS QA/CQI module.  This functionality allows your Fire/EMS organization to customize the QA metrics that are monitored and defines which staff member(s) are responsible for performing the QA review.  By electronically identifying runs that meet review criteria, you can ensure that the right runs get reviewed in a timely fashion by the right person.

    Electronic Communications

    The integrated, secure messaging feature of HealthEMS provides the means to asynchronously communicate between the Medical Director / QA staff and field staff via their Mobile devices.  This electronically facilitates followup to QA/CQI activity and records all correspondence within the system in real time.

    Dashboard Driven

    Through intuitive, customizable Dashboards and flexible configuration options, HealthEMS can help Medical Directors / QA staff define and identify areas for improvement, suggest training opportunities, highlight outstanding clinical performance, audit compliance with treatment protocols, and provide information about specific illnesses or injuries.  As opposed to the traditional model of having to remember to pull and print reports, HealthEMS Dashboards electronically push important information to users, and favorite reports can even be tagged to show up with pre-defined filters on the Dashboard.

    Real Performance Improvement

    HealthEMS provides the means for improved medical treatment protocols, provides an early warning for disease outbreaks and possible terrorist attacks, reports utilization of medical supplies, and assists with the development of management strategies for improved response to emergency situations.

    The electronic, real time environment created by HealthEMS greatly improves the QA / CQI workflow process and provides an opportunity for  real performance improvement to occur.