• Systems Integration and Interfaces


    Built on flexible web technologies and powerful integration tools, HealthEMS has an extensive history of integrating with many third-party applications and web services.

    HealthEMS Xchanger™, the system’s import/export engine, integrates CAD to ePCR to Billing and Regulatory Reporting and significantly reduces the time and effort needed to establish rich intefaces.

    HealthEMS CAD Integration

    HealthEMS allows for real-time comparison of CAD incidents to ePCR data, ensuring timely and accurate capture of all ambulance runs. With HealthEMS Mobile, CAD data will pre-fill all available fields.

    HealthEMS also provides CAD to ePCR comparison Dashboards and reports to easily identify exceptions, such as an ePCR without an associated CAD record.

    HealthEMS Patient Triage

    Patient Triage is a fully integrated HealthEMS feature that allows for patient tracking from CAD to the hospital. This feature provides quick entry of strategic information to support rapid entry in situations such as Mass Casualty incidents: multiple units can utilize a single CAD entry to assist in the documentation of multiple patients.

    HealthEMS Patient Triage

    “Triage Data Capture” allows for quick entry of strategic information such as Call Number, Tag Number, Last Name, Age, Vitals taken, and Treatments initially provided, etc. to support rapid entry. Patient Triage integrates to hospitals and our third-party partners.

    HealthEMS RevNet™ and Billing Integration

    Sansio’s billing solution, HealthEMS RevNet, has been designed to capture all required insurance fields to successfully and effectively submit claims with the least amount of effort by the crew.  RevNet establishes the appropriate ICD-9 codes, Service Level Determination, and Medical Necessity Determination required for revenue cycle management.

    Sansio also provides the ability to interface HealthEMS with many leading billing systems.

    HealthEMS EKG Monitor Integration

    HealthEMS works closely with many of the more popular cardiac monitor vendors including Physio-Control, Phillips, and Zoll.  The data imported into HealthEMS Mobile includes: Treatments, Medications, NIBP, ETCO2, SPO2, heart rate, and Patient demographics.

    The whole file and associated images are also attached and stored with the rest of the CAD and ePCR data for later review.

    HealthEMS XchangER™

    This browser-based solution alerts receiving facilities of incoming transports and can be securely accessed from any approved receiving facility computers for no additional charge.

    The hospital ER can receive updates after the creation of a HealthEMS Mobile call for that facility.  Once the call is finalized by the EMS crew, the ER can print a summary of the pre-hospital care report (PCR), save PCR data to an electronic patient care folder, or export the PCR data to the hospital EMR system.