• About Sansio

    Sansio, headquartered in Duluth, MN, is an established provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) information management solutions that enable healthcare providers to improve clinical, operational, financial, and regulatory performance in pre-hospital and post-acute care settings.

    Sansio was founded in 1997 as ScanHealth, Inc. and changed its name to Sansio in January 2007 to reflect its broader service offering. In January, 2014, Sansio was acquired by Physio-Control, Inc. and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

    Its flagship products include HomeSolutions.NET, a comprehensive, market-leading point-of-care and agency management solution for home health agencies, and HealthEMS, a highly integrated patient management and reporting solution for fire and EMS organizations.

    Sansio also provides responsive, professional services to its global customer base, and its team members are all guided by its S.I.E.T.E. philosophy that Service Is Essential To Everything.

    HomeSolutions Home Care Software

    Sansio’s HomeSolutions.NET is the leading SaaS solution for home healthcare agencies, providing a complete solution from the point of care to the back office.

    For field staff, Sansio pioneered Flex Point of Care, whereby homecare agencies can choose between Scannable Forms, Telephony, or Mobile Device based point of care data collection methods, automating 100% of visit data entry for all disciplines.

    With its web-based back office, users can effectively manage their workflow by utilizing HomeSolutions Dashboards. All information is securely accessible throughout the organization via a web browser, enabling multi-site organizations the ability to easily centralize operational processes.

    Since 1998, Sansio has been helping agencies improve their clinical, operational, and financial performance through its intuitive homecare EMR software solution.

    HealthEMS Fire/EMS Software

    HealthEMS is a remote-hosted field data collection, management, and reporting solution which is proven to help Fire and EMS providers improve patient care and financial performance.

    From the EMT / Paramedic in the field, to the QA, medical direction, and billing departments, HealthEMS creates a two-way information flow which dramatically improves the accuracy and timeliness of information needed to support billing and clinical decision making.

    Based on run volume, HealthEMS has the largest successfully installed customer base in the country, processing millions of patient encounters annually for some of America’s most prestigious organizations.

    Sansio solutions automate critical information management functions such as clinical reporting, quality and productivity analysis, claim generation and billing, regulatory reporting, and data mining. We know of no other IT solutions that provide this mix of data collection, storage and reporting methodologies, particularly at an all-inclusive subscription rate!

    Sansio provides complete solutions for complex environments to customers in over 40 states. Our solutions are proven to save time and money, enhance regulatory compliance, and help keep caregivers’ focus on patient care.

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