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    Darris Clark


    Vice President, Home Care,

    Director, Home Care,



    Darris Clark joined Physio-Control as Vice President, Homecare of Sansio and Director, Homecare of Physio, following the merger and acquisition of ScanHealth, Inc. dba Sansio in January of 2014. Darris is responsible for strategic direction and overall management of product development, marketing, training, implementation and professional services for Sansio’s home care product lines.

    Darris joined Physio after six years with Sansio, joining Sansio in 2008 as Vice-President, Home Care services. Prior to joining Sansio, he was a customer of the HomeSolutions.NET product, and home health consultant. He brings forth a unique combination of clinical and business expertise gained from his education and professional experience in the home health industry.

    Darris graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing degree from Valparaiso University and spent over a decade as managing owner of the largest home health agency in Nevada.

    On Sansio’s SIETE Principles:

    “When I was a business owner evaluating vendors for all types of products and services, I often found there were comparable prices and products competing for my business. Throughout the years I learned that the vendor who prioritized my business interests through a strong service model was the partner to choose.

    While product features can change and technology continues to move fast, service is a constant and an important element to a strong business relationship. As a customer and partner, it was evident that Service Is Essential To Everything Sansio does, and in leading the home care team today, I strive to uphold this focus by working as a partner to our customers.”

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