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    Tom O’Neill


    Vice President, Fire/EMS,

    Senior Manager, Marketing,



    Tom O’Neill joined Physio-Control as Vice President, Fire/Emergency Medical Services and Senior Manager, Marketing of Physio, following the merger and acquisition of ScanHealth, Inc. DBA Sansio in January of 2014. Tom is responsible for managing the delivery of the HealthEMS electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) solution and associated professional services delivered by Sansio and its partners.

    Tom joined Physio-Control after sixteen years at Sansio, and has the unique experience of implementing the HealthEMS electronic patient care reporting solution at not only the largest EMS organization in the United States, but many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious Fire/EMS and private ambulance companies.

    Tom graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has decades of training, management, and supervisory experience with health information services organizations in private and municipal settings.

    On Sansio’s SIETE Principles:

    “Prior to Sansio, I was introduced to the concept of providing exceptional service while working for several years in the public sector.  At Sansio, the concept of providing exceptional service has been expanded and better defined through the SIETE principles that Service Is Essential To Everything and Thinking Customer First.

    In my role, this means listening to customers to understand their needs and then being responsive with solutions that help make their jobs easier and help keep them compliant with the ever changing industry regulations. While software features are important, providing exceptional service sets us apart and has enabled Sansio to be a market leader.”

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