• Clinical Performance Improvement

    Sansio has designed HomeSolutions.NET to meet the needs of the CFO who wants to save money, the Billing Department who wants to save time, the Administrator who wants to enhance regulatory compliance, and the Clinician who wants to improve outcomes.

    Some key HomeSolutions.NET Clinical Benefits include:

    Flex Point-of-Care

    Choose from any combination of automated data collection options for all disciplines including Scannable Forms, Telephony or Mobile device-based methods. Reduce manual data entry by 85% and provide the right tool for the right person so documentation takes place in the home, during the visit.

    Standardized Tools Improve Clinical Effectiveness

    Incorporate standard Pain Assessment, Fall Risk Management, Eyes/Vision, Wound Care Management, and Pressure Sore Measurement tools.

    Patient Alerting and Comm Notes

    Proactive vital sign, therapy, and nursing alerts drive an electronic communication workflow process through secure messaging.

    Therapy Review and Re-Assessment Management

    HomeSolutions.NET provides therapy tracking tools to help manage to ensure the 13th and 19th visits are re-assessments, or 30 day cycle to meet CMS Therapy Tracking Requirements.

    Reduce Medication Mistakes

    Get instant access to Patient Education and Interaction materials with the integrated MicroMedex® Drug Database.

    In-line Inconsistency and QA Checking

    Automatically flag visits for errors and OASIS Inconsistencies and quickly identify service or scheduling exceptions.  Sansio integrates with several leading OASIS analysis partners including Home Health Gold, PPS Plus, and SHP.

    Centralized Patient Charts and Schedules

    Gain instant access to electronic patient records, medication materials, and scheduling information through a secured, web-based data repository.  With Virtual Office, you can be assured that everyone is looking at the same version of the electronic patient chart in real-time.

    Electronic and Customized Intake/Referral Process

    Enables management of referrals in real-time including the ability to capture important transfer information such as H & P’s and validation to ensure accuracy.

    Flex Scheduling and Visit Reconciliation

    Easily alternate from Client/Employee views and add single or recurring visits to match orders, auths, and availability. Visit reconciliation makes it easy to identify visit exceptions and process missed/cancelled visits.

    Care Plan Compliance and HR Management

    Identify and perform supervisory visits and tie out care plan to actual services. Also track licensure and requirements.

    Over 200 Reports and 50+ Dashboards

    Dashboards push key information to be viewed immediately upon login and can be customized by user and role.   This personalizes the solution for each user, improving workflow and making navigation quicker.  Additionally, there are hundreds of reports which can be easily filtered to display just the information you need to guide activity.


    “Sansio received particularly good marks as 100% of Sansio customers were satisfied with tracking therapy reassessment due dates and documentation.”

    -HomeHealthLine Vendor Satisfaction Survey, April, 2012

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