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    Flexible Point of Care and Powerful Agency Management Software

    HomeSolutions.NET is a Cost-effective, Compliance-driven, Clinician-friendly software solution that provides significant benefits forĀ Florida Home Health Agencies.

    Since 1998, Sansio has been helping agencies improve their clinical, operational, financial, and regulatory performance through its intuitive cloud-based homecare EMR solution.

    Flexible Point of Care

    For field staff, Sansio pioneered Flex Point of Care, whereby homecare agencies can choose between Scannable Forms, Telephony, or Mobile Device-based point of care methods, automating 100% of visit data entry for all disciplines.

    Powerful Agency Management

    With its web-based back office software, users can effectively manage their workflow by utilizing HomeSolutions Dashboards. All information is securely accessible throughout the organization via a web browser, enabling multi-site organizations the ability to easily centralize key operational processes.

    HomeSolutions.NET is a comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that is cost effective, compliance driven, and clinician friendly.

    Sansio is a supporting member
    of the Home Care Association of Florida

    What Our Customers Are Saying:

    “HomeSolutions has helped our agency better adhere to Medicare and Medicaid requirements.”

    “Everyone just needs to use Sansio!”

    “The Telephony option not only ensures our visit staff is reporting their exact visit times down to the minute, but also captures the services provided which we can match against the Care Plan. This helps ensure we are more accurately reporting, billing, and paying for the services our clients are receiving.”

    “HomeSolutions also creates batch claims and automatically updates our AR, saving us time and money. This not only helps assure claims match the actual services provided, but also helps us meet regulatory requirements through numerous pre-billing checks and exception reporting in the system.”

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