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    Flexible Point of Care and Powerful Agency Management


    HomeSolutions.NET is a Complete Home Care Software Solution for your Complex Environment.

    Since 1998, Sansio has been helping agencies improve their clinical, operational, financial, and regulatory performance through its intuitive cloud-based homecare EMR solution.

    Flexible Point of Care

    For field staff, Sansio pioneered Flex Point of Care, whereby homecare agencies can choose between Scannable Forms, Telephony, or Mobile Device-based point of care methods, automating 100% of visit data entry for all disciplines.

    Powerful Agency Management

    With its web-based back office software, users can effectively manage their workflow by utilizing HomeSolutions Dashboards. All information is securely accessible throughout the organization via a web browser, enabling multi-site organizations the ability to easily centralize key operational processes.

    HomeSolutions.NET is a comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that is cost effective, compliance driven, and clinician friendly.

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