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    HomeSolutions.NET is a Cost-effective, Compliance-driven, Clinician-friendly software solution that provides significant benefits for New York Certified Home Health Agencies.  Sansio has worked closely with its New York customers and the New York Department of Health to design a solution that helps agencies efficiently manage to state and federal regulations for a wide range of home-based services including Medicare and the New York Long Term Home Health Care Program (LTHHCP).

    Support your Medicare and LTHHCP business lines with one system


    Automation of critical tasks in the field and the back office helps New York CHHA’s using HomeSolutions.NET operate in a compliant manner with a focus on quality for the consumer. With our unique Flex Point of Care model, you can chose from any combination of Laptop or Tablet Mobile devices, Telephony, or Scannable OMR forms for data-collection. This allows you to automate 100% of your visits for all disciplines and document at the point of care in real time.


    Home Care Software for New York CHHAs

    HomeSolutions.NET is designed to meet the needs of the CFO who wants to save money, the Billing Department who wants to save time, the Administrator and wants to enhance regulatory compliance, and the Clinician who wants to improve outcomes.

    Using Telephony for HomeSolutions, New York CHHA’s are able to collect the exact visit times down to the minute while HomeSolutions.NET automatically handles the roundings properly.  In the manual world, visit start and stop times were often estimated and not as precise. Telephony for HomeSolutions not only collects the exact visit times, but also the services provided during the visit, providing a full featured EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) solution. This ensures agencies are more accurately documenting, billing, and paying for the services their staff are performing.

    Here is what our customers are saying:

    “HomeSolutions has helped our agency better adhere to Medicare and Medicaid requirements.”

    “Everyone just needs to use Sansio!”

    “The Telephony option not only ensures our visit staff is reporting their exact visit times down to the minute, but also captures the services provided which we can match against the Care Plan. This helps ensure we are more accurately reporting, billing, and paying for the services our clients are receiving.”

    “HomeSolutions also creates batch claims and automatically updates our AR, saving us time and money. This not only helps assure claims match the actual services provided, but also helps us meet regulatory requirements through numerous pre-billing checks and exception reporting in the system.”


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