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    In-line OASIS Analysis

    Sansio has joined forces with PPS Plus Software, a leading developer of OASIS analysis software, to provide in-line OASIS analysis feedback at a number of points in the HomeSolutions.NET EMR software.

    PPS Plus has one of the most comprehensive OASIS analysis tools in the industry, alerting agencies to potentially avoidable events and picking up on thousands of errors and inconsistencies affecting agencies’ overall success including OASIS and ICD-9 Coding Errors, clinical inconsistencies, items affecting process measure data and items affecting reimbursement.

    PPS Plus for HomeSolutions is an optional service designed exclusively for HomeSolutions customers, and is comprised of the PPS Plus Assessment Analysis Report from the full version of PPS Plus – Home Health Edition Software. If your agency is already using the full version of PPS Plus – Home Health Edition, you will receive the Assessment Analysis Report within HomeSolutions.NET at no additional charge.

    Once this optional service is activated, the PPS Plus Assessment Analysis Report can be accessed by simply clicking on the PPS Plus icon  in the top right menu of the Data Validation window and is also accessible in post-distribution areas such as OASIS Inquiry, Clinical Records, and Billable Services.

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    • In-Line OASIS Analysis – Receive thousands of OASIS business logic checks right in HomeSolutions Data Validator
    • Application Interoperability – Simple process for managing OASIS changes to ensure consistency
    • Diagnostic Coding Audits – Find and fix incomplete codes that slow payments and lower case-mix calculation
    • Clinical Support – Receive clinical support (as it relates to the analysis) and interpretation assistance from PPS Plus Software’s coding and OASIS experts



    • Save Time – No need to manually export OASIS, import into another system, make changes, re-export, etc.
    • Increase Allowable Revenue - Make sure you are charging appropriately based on the needs of your patients
    • Achieve Clinical Standardization – In-line OASIS analysis ensures clinical red flags can be addressed prior to submission
    • Improve “Time to Information” – The In-Line OASIS Analysis process provides critical feedback to staff in real-time


    “The addition of PPS Plus for HomeSolutions enables us to receive feedback on the OASIS immediately, which has provided significant operational, clinical, and financial benefits for us. We also receive excellent consulting support from PPS Plus on coding questions and issues. This service pays for itself many times over!” – Jeff S. Owner of CNS Home Health.

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