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    HomeSolutions Hospitalization Risk Management functionality alerts your agency to hospitalizations before they happen, helping lower avoidable  hospitalizations and provide increased value to your partner hospitals and ACO’s.

    Hospitalization Risk Alert

    To create the new Hospitalization Risk Management tools, Sansio performed statistical analysis on thousands of patient episodes to identify the Sansio Hospitalization Risk Algorithm™.  This proprietary algorithm assigns weights to dozens of key patient factors known to impact hospitalization risk, such as having multiple medications, a history of falls, or a high-risk diagnosis.  The comprehensive tools encompass four areas of patient management:


    The Sansio Hospitalization Risk Algorithm will automatically calculate a patient’s Hospitalization Risk Score and identify their Hospitalization Risk Level of Low, Medium, and High in real-time, at any point after intake. This enables your agency to apply strategies proven to reduce avoidable hospitalizations such as patient/caregiver education, front loading visits with preventive interventions, medications management, telehealth, and fall reduction programs.


    HomeSolutions enables electronic workflow that can be configured based on the patient’s Hospitalization Risk Level.  This workflow can drive a mandatory review process and trigger Comm Notes and secure electronic notification messages sent to the case manager and/or team supervisor.


    Several statistical views, dashboards, and reports accompany the Hospitalization Risk Management functionality.  These key performance indicators (KPI’s) identify a home health agency’s real-time Acute Care Hospitalization Rate, Monthly Hospitalization Rate, and Re-Hospitalization Rate for their episodes of care.

    Like all HomeSolutions reports and dashboards, the Hospitalization Rate Reports offer numerous filter and sorting options such as Diagnosis, QUIG (Quality Indicator Group), Days to Hospitalization to track those readmitted within 30 days.


    Since the reporting is in real-time and right within the HomeSolutions.NET EMR patient management system, home health agencies are able to drill down into the patient record to identify if anything could have been done to prevent a hospitalization.  Higher level statistical analysis can also be performed to identify trends, training needs, or the effects of applying avoidable hospitalization readmission strategies.

    These Hospitalization Risk Management tools are included at no additional charge for HomeSolutions customers as part of Sansio’s Software as a Service model that continually brings additional value to customers.

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