• ICD-10 Transition Customer Update and Resources

    Sansio has a plan in place to provide accurate and timely updates so its homecare customers can effectively implement ICD-10 on time. While Sansio is making the ICD-10-CM data set available in advance of the fluid CMS implementation deadline, coders will still need to be educated on the use of this expanded clinical modification code set. Both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM code sets will be available in HomeSolutions.NET to assist with the transition.

    Going from 13,600 to approximately 69,000 codes produces many scenarios where a single ICD-9-CM code may have multiple ICD-10-CM options, especially in the case of orthopedics where there may be hundreds of more specific ICD-10-CM options to choose.

    Paraphrasing CMS, “there is no simple crosswalk from ICD-9 to ICD-10. A GEM that forces a simple correspondence from the smaller, less detailed ICD-9 to the larger, more detailed ICD-10 defeats the purpose of upgrading to ICD-10 and eliminates any possibility of benefiting from the improvement in data quality that ICD-10 offers. Instead of a simple crosswalk, the GEM attempts to organize those differences in a meaningful way, by linking a code to all valid alternatives in the other code set.”

    To help customers, Sansio is planning to make available a reference tool that shows the GEM (General Equivalent Mapping) of an ICD-9-CM code to ICD-10-CM code(s).

    The added complexity of the new code set will enhance the need for agencies to sufficiently train their coders and nurses, or for some it may mean supplementing internal talent with outsourced coding services.

    Official CMS Resources for the ICD-10 Transition