• HomeSolutions.NET provides homecare agencies with flexible methods for electronically collecting standardized patient and productivity data at the point-of-care that promotes speed, accuracy and consistency.

    With Sansio’s Flex Point-of-Care™ model, you can choose between any combination of HomeSolutions MobileTOUCH, Scannable Forms, or Telephony-based point-of-care documentation methods, automating 100% of visit data entry for all disciplines.


    HomeSolutions MobileTOUCH

    HomeSolutions MobileTOUCH Point-of-Care runs on many of today’s popular mobile devices including iPads and Microsoft Surface tablets. Take major step forward towards elimination of paper by electronically collecting and validating visits in the field. HomeSolutions MobileTOUCH Point-of-Care can help your agency get more accurate and timely visit data resulting in clinical and financial performance.

    With HomeSolutions MobileTOUCH, field staff can document online or offline without the hassles of heavy synchronization efforts typical of traditional point-of-care approaches.  By taking advantage of the web-based HomeSolutions.NET Virtual Office, complete patient charts are securely available in the cloud for extended clinical decision support.  More…

    Scannable Forms

    Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanning is a Flex Point-of-Care™ option that allows field staff to capture standardized time & attendance and service data during the visit on a single scannable form.  In just a few seconds, the visit note is scanned at the office, staff are able to ensure data integrity by using HomeSolutions Data Validator to check for potential errors, and the visit data is automatically distributed into the system with a click of a button.


    Go paperless in the field and utilize the client’s phone to collect visit information.  HomeSolutions Telephony enables your agency to provide increased accountability for “proof of visit” or EVV (Electronic Visit Verification), manage your schedule in real time, and eliminate trips to the office to turn in paperwork, resulting in quicker, more accurate billing and payroll cycles.

    With Telephony, your field staff visit their clients based on the orders and schedule within HomeSolutions.NET.  Upon arriving at the client’s home, they simply call into a special toll-free number to record their visit by answering a series of prompts using the phone’s touch tone keypad.  Telephony is especially well suited for paraprofessional staff as most Aide, PCA, and Homemaker visits can be documented in about 2 minutes and include service details which are matched to the care plan.

    Sansio is a founding member of the EVV Workgroup whose mission is to provide education, raise awareness, and establish standards on EVV technologies.

    By putting the most effective documentation tool into the hands of field staff, your agency can realize the accuracy and efficiency benefits of documenting at the point-of-care and improve clinical performance.