• Scannable OMR Forms

    Would you like to automate the capture of point-of-care data for all disciplines without having to purchase, maintain, and support devices in the field?
    Do you have field staff that simply want to focus on the patient and not technology in the field, but still be able to eliminate over 85% of manual visit data entry in the back office?
    Would you like to automatically confirm services performed to the care plan and schedule?
    Scannable Form with HomeCare Patient

    Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanning is a Flex Point of Care option that allows field staff to capture standardized Time & Attendance and Clinical data during the visit on a single scannable form.  

    In just a few seconds, the visit note is scanned at the office, staff are able to ensure data integrity by using HomeSolutions Data Validator to check for potential errors, and the visit data is automatically distributed into the system with a click of a button.  No other method of automated data collection has proven to be more cost effective, accurate, and reliable.


    Scannable Forms help support paperless initiatives since information is extracted off of the form automatically, much more valuable than an image as this standardized data can be reported on.  The scanning process replaces manual data entry processes and turns paper into electronic data in just seconds.


    Over 20 easy to use OMR forms collect payroll, billing, OASIS, and clinical data on one note


    Collect 100% of point-of-care data for all disciplines from Nursing and Therapy to Paraprofessional

    Cost Effective

    OMR Scanning has proven to be the most cost effective method of automated data collection

    Clinician and Patient Friendly

    Simplicity in the field allows your visit staff to focus on the patient

    Scanner Acquisition Considerations

    Sansio provides Rental, Leasing, or Direct Purchase options for the high duty-cycle OMR Scanners which work with HomeSolutions.NET.