• HomeSolutions Virtual Office

    HomeSolutions Virtual Office combines the power of data and images to provide a comprehensive home health electronic medical record (EMR), securely accessible via a web browser.  Virtual Office was designed specifically for homecare agencies and is completely integrated within the powerful HomeSolutions.NET vChart. 

    Cloud based Homecare EMR

    Go Paperless

    What does it really mean to “go paperless”? Going paperless means different things to different people and it is an objective that most organizations fail to achieve or effectively define.  With HomeSolutions Virtual Office, paperless is defined as “the final resting place for all information related to a patient is within the HomeSolutions vChart.”

    With HomeSolutions Virtual Office, your agency can move toward being “paperless” at your own pace, starting with certain people or processes.  This approach leads to greater staff buy in, makes implementation more manageable, and ultimately leads to higher utilization.   Virtual Office is not limited to patient charts, so you can also electronically store other document sets such as employee files and corporate documents.

    Comprehensive Electronic Health Record

    HomeSolutions Virtual Office is a comprehensive electronic health record comprised of both data and images.  Data, such as information gathered on patient encounters or during the intake/referral process, provides significant value since it can be used to drive reporting, patient alerts, schedule records, orders, billing, and payroll.   Images also provide value when homecare workers need to view items such as wound care photos, patient forms, labs or other documents from outside sources, in order to better service their patients.

    Document Management

    Documents of many types can be imported into Virtual Office from multi-function devices, but when combined with the ScanTron iNSIGHT20 Dual OMR/Image scanner, the HomeSolutions Scanning Program automatically optimizes documents for effective viewing, while also validating, categorizing, and saving documents directly into the vChart.  This saves several steps in the electronic filing process and eliminates the need to have sensitive ePHI saved locally, thus minimizing HIPAA exposure.

    Enable Centralized, Real-time Decision Making

    Virtual Office enables all authorized users to view and access the centralized, real-time version of the vChart so you can be assured that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information when making decisions.  When combined with other key HomeSolutions features such as Flex Point-of-Care and the many Dashboard-driven electronic workflow processes, Virtual Office is the tool you need to maximize the many benefits of really going paperless.