• Web Based Home Care SaaS


    HomeSolutions.NET homecare EMR software is delivered via a Software as a Service model, commonly referred to as SaaS. With the SaaS deployment model, Sansio hosts the application and data which is accessible to end users securely from the cloud through a browser.

    Sansio was one of the first homecare software vendors to deliver its software and services with the SaaS model and has invested millions of dollars over the past decade to provide your users with a highly available, secure solution that can be rapidly deployed.

    omeSolutions.NET is delivered as a Web Based SaaS (Software as a Service)

    Sansio’s web-based SaaS delivery model provides numerous benefits over and above traditional locally installed approaches and provides a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    Increased Efficiency & Reduced Cost

      • Numerous IT duties such as upgrades, backups, and security included in service
      • No need for large investments in network hardware, software, & support
      • One low subscription price includes all services

    Increased HIPAA Compliance

      • HIPAA Audit Trail tracks system access and field changes down to the character
      • Conforms to HIPAA best practices for transfer of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI)
      • Identification, Authentication, and Encryption policies exceed HIPAA standards

    Reduction of IT Staff Workload

      • Latest, greatest server processing capabilities
      • Immediate delivery and transparent deployment of upgrades and enhancements
      • Enable valued IT staff to focus on strategic projects for your organization

    Centralized Quality and Information Management

    • Enterprise-level, centralized access to reports and other critical application functions
    • Web-based delivery provides secure access from any device with a browser
    • Supports centralization of key operational processes including billing, HR, and AR management